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We take care of the SEO and search engine visibility.
This is something that you get for free with our website design services.

A nice website design is sure to attract customers and will increase your sales to a great extent. The importance of a nicely designed website is twofold. First, it is essential for your business, for its image and for the visitors so that they can easily navigate through your site. Second, Google now emphasizes website design a lot. It plays a very important role in search engine ranking. A well-designed website will improve your sites ranking to a noticeable extent.

Can you miss our website design services? Do you believe that designing a website is easy?

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We, at Inkreate, ensure that the websites that we design are not only unique but we try to make them as search engine friendly as possible. Getting better search engine rankings is not easy, we try to make it easy for you by designing a website that search engines as well as your customers love.

  • We start the website design service with the discussion process. Our professional and skilled designers will talk to you. Our experts will come up with a basic layout of the website. The layout will be based entirely on your needs and what type of design you need.
  • While designing your website, we make it sure that we are following all the latest industry trends. We don’t go for general website design services rather we focus on a design that you can use for a few years.
  • We ensure that your website works with all the modern browsers and is fully-equipped with new and latest standards (HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript).
  • If you don’t have a domain name or hosting package, there is nothing to worry for. We will make it easy for you to get an easy-to-remember domain name and a nice hosting package.
  • You can monitor and see the progress any time during the website design process. In fact, we love to share everything and every single step of the designing process with you.
  • We offer unlimited revisions. If you don’t like anything in our website design service, let us know and we will improve it for you.
  • We take care of the SEO and search engine visibility. This is something that you get for free with our website design services.
  • Lastly, we don’t spend too much time on the website designing process. We know how important it is for you to get your website up and running, this is the reason we try to keep the turnaround time as short as possible.

At Inkreate, we don’t try to create a certain number of pages for you instead we emphasize on a quality website design that not only looks nice but it provides value to your customers.

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