Web Content Management

Inkreate will manage the entire content of your site irrespective of business & niche

Over the years, we have realized that businesses and business owners don’t have the time to update content on their websites due to lack of time. When content is not updated on your business website at regular intervals, it badly impacts your site ranking. You start losing search engine rankings because search engines like to see fresh content on your site every now and then. But there is nothing to worry for because at Inkreate, we have solution for every problem of your business. With our web content management service you just have to sit back and let us get hold of the content on your site.

It doesn’t matter what CMS system you are using, it doesn’t matter what type of business you have, it doesn’t matter what industry you operate in, we have expertise to handle every site, every business and every CMS. We have developed a diverse team of proficient US writers who are capable of doing almost any task given to them.

Web Content Management
  • Inkreate will manage the entire content of your site irrespective of business, niche, industry and CMS system.
  • No matter whether you have a new site or a 10 year old site, we are equally good with all types of sites.
  • We update the content on your site regularly, normally as per your request. If you have a business blog, we manage it as well.
  • We cover everything in our web content management service including blog posts, articles, pictures, videos, inforgraphics, web designing, layout etc.
  • We stay in touch with you as much as possible. But it doesn’t mean that we bother you too often. We work without any supervision but we keep you in loop to make sure that you know what we are doing.
  • When it comes to writing new content for your site, our skilled writers will write unique and highly informative web content. We just don’t reword or rewrite your website’s content instead we make sure that we are reinventing new content for your site.
  • If you are using a CMS system like WordPress, we make sure that we update plugins, we update the theme, if you have multiple themes installed we will rotate them, we will change the layout often, we will add new plugins on timely basis, hence we do pretty much everything in our web content management service.
  • We will keep on adding fresh quality content on your site so that your site’s ranking improves significantly and you get more traffic leading to more business.

When Inkreate is at work, you don’t have to work at all!

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