Social Media Marketing

We post regularly on your site’s Facebook page, Twitter page, Google+ account.

No business can survive in today’s world without social media marketing. It is one of the strongest, most effective and cheapest marketing strategies that all types of businesses use be it a click-and-mortar business or a brick-and-mortar business. The traffic you get from social sites is highly targeted for instance traffic from Facebook. There is no question about it.

Inkreate Social Media Marketing Service

We have developed a really effective social media marketing strategy with our social media marketing experts. It took us around 3 months of testing, tweaking and analysis to come up with this strategy. We have been using it for several businesses and we have been very successful in bringing lots of changes to those businesses. Our clients are happy and they have just stick to our social media marketing service like glue.

Social Media Marketing

Here is a general overview of what we are capable of:

  • We have a list of top social sites and social networks that are used a lot all over the world. This list includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Bebo, Delicious, Flickr, hi5, Instagram, LinkedIn, Myspace, Orkut, Tumblr and many others.
  • We share your site, blog posts, your articles submitted on article directories or anywhere on the internet, videos, pictures and everything on social sites with different profiles.
  • We post regularly on your site’s Facebook page, Twitter page, Google+ account and any other social accounts that your site have.
  • We try to attract and bring in as many free likes and followers to your site’s social profiles and social pages. Of course, we have a decent and workable plan for it that work like crazy.
  • If you have a free report, any freebie or a free ebook, we will use it to send traffic to your site and to get people on your list. This works best. If you give something for free to people on social network sites, they are sure to go for it (as long as it is something of their interest).
  • Bookmarking, social signals, social sharing, likes, tweets, social news, commenting and intensive working on building relationships is what we do regularly in our social media marketing service.
  • We have skilled social media marketers who will take on your project, stay in touch with you and will ensure that you get most out from our services.
  • Our social media marketing gurus make sure that whatever we are doing is absolutely safe for your site. We don’t leave any clue for any search engine. Our entire marketing plan is utterly safe and risk-free.

Get in touch with us today. Give us the honor to serve you with our first-class social media marketing service.

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