SEO Strategy

We start the SEO process with keyword research and analyzing your niche/industry.

Internet marketing starts and ends with SEO. Without search engine optimization and organic traffic, you cannot expect a decent ROI. The only way to organic traffic is SEO. Millions of businesses rely totally on organic traffic. While we don’t recommend relying solely on search engine traffic (organic traffic) but we do emphasize the importance of SEO strategies. This is the reason that we have developed a very strong SEO strategy at Inkreate that works very well.

The best thing about our SEO strategy is that it is absolutely safe. We stick to white hat SEO methods and we try to keep the link building process as clean as possible to avoid any issues for your business that might lead to penalizing in future.

You can trust our SEO strategy because:

  • We developed it right from scratch with collaboration of our SEO experts.
  • We have tested and tweaked our SEO strategy several times.
  • We have been using it for years and it never led to any penalty.
  • We use all legit SEO methods that search engines just love.
SEO Strategy

Overview of our SEO strategy

  • We start the SEO process with keyword research and analyzing your niche/industry. Even if you have a list of keywords with you, we still do our working. We select the top keywords in your niche (both having strong as well as weak competitive keywords). We add a lot of extensions to your keywords. We focus on both long-tail as well as short-tail keywords.
  • A preliminary analysis of your competitors is also done at this stage just to know where your competitors stand, what they are doing and what they lack.
  • An industry expert from our team will examine your competitor’s backlinks.
  • One of the SEO experts will analyze your website content, on-page SEO, titles, URLs, headings, plagiarism and everything else that have an effect on your sites ranking.
  • A web designer will inspect your sites’ design, HTML tags, 404 pages, 301 redirects and other errors in coding.
  • Guest posting is a major part of our SEO strategy. We will find relevant blogs in your niche that accept guest posts, a US writer will then write a killing guest post with an author bio and a link back to your site, we will then send the guest post for publication.
  • We will allocate experts who will work on the following areas of your site; social media marketing, web content update, press release writing and distribution, video marketing, competitor spying, Squidoo lens creation, Hubpages hubs creation and much much more.

This doesn’t end here, we are always in the process of updating and improving our SEO strategy. You should expect much more over the years.

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50 Keywords in 9 Months$715.00$357.50Order Now
80 Keywords in 10 Months$1,000.00$500.00Order Now
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