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If you are looking for a company that will provide you with a steady stream of well coordinated and professional press release package designed to help improve your company's relationship with its target audience, customers, business partners and associates; then look no further than Inkreate Content Studio.

You can build your reputation as a major player in your respective industry just by your level of communication with those that matter to your business. The more you reach out to your customers and target audience, the better their understanding of your business and what you have in offer for them. We understand that the success of your business will depend on the way you are perceived by your customers and this perception can be enhanced with a press release package that is customised to meet your business goals.

What Our Press Release Package Offers

Inkreate Content Studio fully understands the importance of effective communication. We appreciate that the manner and timing of a press release is very important and can either enhance or undermine the level of trust your target audience can have for your business. That is why our press release package is individualistic in nature and customised to meet your specific needs. We make it a point of duty to provide you with;

  • 24/7 press release services
  • Sensitive, factual, target oriented and error-free written content
  • Large outreach to your target audience through major online social media outlets
  • We help provide feedbacks from your target audience or customers.
  • We coordinate real-time response and enquiries to your press release from your target audience.
  • We provide SEO benefits as well as traffic opportunities as a direct result of your press releases.
  • We offer Video News Release (VNR) services.
  • Our press release package is cost effective and tailor made to suit your needs and budget.

Inkreate Content Studio will meet your need for the effective dispensation of information in order to meet your intended business objective through our qualitative press release package. With us you can be rest assured that your press release will...

  • Meet its intended target audience.
  • Meet its intended target audience.
  • Be SEO rich and guaranteed to drive traffic to your business.
  • Have a feedback system to derive response from your target audience and help with your decision making.

Benefits Of Our Press Release Package

Our customised press release package is designed to provide your business with a lot of business opportunities, some of which include;

  • Quick Business Exposure

We will help your business get the mileage it desires when you make use of our press release package designed specifically to meet your coverage needs.

  • Enhanced Marketing Campaign Plan

Your marketing campaign can be enhanced with an effective press release plan that is target audience and time oriented.

  • Improved Sales Turnover Opportunities

With more mileage, exposure and traffic to your business, you stand the chance of boosting your sales turnover.

  • Increased Profit Margins

Increased sales turnover leads to enhanced profit margins for your business as a direct result of your press release plan.

  • Increase Market Shares

An effective press release can boost your business and increase your market share in your respective industry.

  • You Can Have Your Brand Positioned As An Industry Expert

A well written and projected press release can put your business in the limelight as an authority in your respective industry.

  • Improved Traffic To Your Business Website

Inkreate Content Studio guarantees that your press release will get to your target audience which will lead to a boost in traffic to your business website and avail them with the opportunity of knowing the products and services you have on offer.

  • Your Business Will Benefit From SEO Opportunities

Every one of your press release delivered by us will be SEO rich, in order to drive your target audience to the information you have prepared for them and also to direct them to your business website for more information.

  • It's An Informal Way To Reach Out To Your Target Audience

Your press release can be an informal method of providing your target audience with very important business information without it appearing like a marketing gimmick.

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