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The best thing about our PPC team is that we assist you as much as we can.

PPC marketing is not a necessary thing to do. Not all businesses use PPC marketing. PPC refers to pay per click advertising where your ads are displayed on search networks like Google, Bing etc. and whenever someone clicks on your ad, you pay for it. Unlike organic traffic, the traffic that you get from PPC marketing is not free and is known as paid traffic so only businesses that can afford to pay for clicks use PPC marketing.

When compared to organic traffic, paid traffic is targeted and you get traffic almost instantly. In case of organic traffic, you have to do marketing for months before you start getting a decent amount of traffic from search engines. However, in case of paid traffic you just have to setup a PPC campaign and you will start getting traffic instantly. This is the reason that most of the businesses prefer PPC marketing.

ppc marketing

The strength of our PPC marketing service lies in the fact that we have extremely professional and expert PPC guys in our team. We have Google Adwords experts, Bing experts and 7Search experts included in our PPC team. So you get all under one roof.

  • The best thing about our PPC team is that we assist you as much as we can. Our PPC specialists will get in touch with you and will develop a PPC campaign for you.
  • Then we will test run, tweak, test run, tweak and so on until we develop a high converting ad group.
  • Since we have experts included in our team, therefore you don’t have to spend too much money on PPC marketing instead in most of the cases you will be right away in business.
  • We prefer to offer something for free or a really outclass offer to the target audience via your ads – an offer that they cannot resist. Such ads work really nice.
  • A detail report of keywords, their monthly searches, bids and a report from Google Trends will be shared with you so that you can give your input.
  • If you don’t have a landing page, we will design a killing and high converting landing page for your ads. Without a landing page, things will not work.
  • PPC marketing works best with email marketing. It is of no use to setup a PPC campaign, a landing page without fetching the email address of the visitors. You must use an email marketing service to get the email addresses of visitors.
  • When it comes to quality score at Google Adwords, we know how to push the quality score up and meantime how to lower your bids. You just have to sit back and watch the traffic coming your way.
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