Logo Design Service

Why Your Business Needs A Well-Designed Logo?

A logo builds and improves the image of your business and brand.

In today’s market, you cannot jump into an industry without a business logo. Experts say that you have only 10 seconds to impress a potential customer. It is just the game of first 10 seconds. A visitor landing on your site will see your logo and if it is good, attractive and conveys the intended message, you have the customer. Otherwise, that person will just increase the bounce rate.

10 seconds is all you have. You cannot make someone to read the entire intro paragraph on your site’s home page instead it is just the look, the feel and the overall appearance that keeps the visitor on your site.

logo design

  • A logo builds and improves the image of your business and brand.
  • Overtime, people recognize brands from their logo and not from their names. Talk about BMW, Ford, KFC, Nike and others. There are thousands of people who just don’t know what Nike produces or what McDonalds does, but they know the logos associated with these businesses.
  • It makes it easy for the people and customers to remember your business. They don’t have to remember the name of your business rather a logo is what they should keep in their minds and that’s it.
  • Logo differentiates your business.
  • A well-designed logo is a symbol of trust, professionalism and uniqueness.

Can you afford to miss business logo?

At Inkreate, we always create premium logos for our clients. Our team of professional and experienced logo designers will come up with a nice logo concept for your business. The logo concept will be shared with you, it will be amended, revised and a final logo concept will be created with your collaboration.

We are always open to unlimited revisions to the final logo design. We want to make the logo work for you. We just don’t create logo for the sake of logo designing instead we design it in a way so that it can bring all the benefits to your business that a good logo does.

What To Expect From Our Logo Design Service

  • A unique and original logo designed with your collaboration that will express your business in the true sense.
  • Our team of expert designers make it sure that your logo is engaging be it colors, theme, idea or any other element.
  • We will send you the actual logo in any format as per your request that you can use online or for print.
  • 100% satisfaction. We don’t have to say it, right?
  • Unlimited revisions.
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