Keyword Research

We use several different paid as well as free keyword analysis and research tools.

Starting an internet business, developing a site, starting a blog will not work without keyword research. Keyword research is one of the primary and most essential things that you have to do before charting a marketing plan or starting a business. Coming up with a list of target keywords is what you need. If you will start your business blindly without knowing the competitiveness of your chosen keywords, you will fail badly.

More than 90% of the online businesses fail in the very first year due to lack of planning and/or improper keyword research.

keyword research

If you are starting a new business or you have a business already setup, and you want an in-depth keyword research service, you are on the right page. We do it professionally, efficiently and cost-effectively for you.

  • We use several different paid as well as free keyword analysis and research tools to produce a minimum of 100 top keywords for your business including their strengths and competitiveness.
  • We majorly focus on Google Keyword Planner, Moz and Open Site Explorer to generate the list of keywords and search terms for your business.
  • We generate a list of top competitors within your niche. For each competitor, we will provide you with their strengths, their main keywords, keywords for which they stand at the top, and top sites from where they are getting backlinks from.
  • We will send you a detailed report with suggestions and ideas for developing your business strategy, marketing plan and SEO techniques that will work. This however will depend on the initial report that we will extract and not on what you plan to do in future.
  • You can easily calculate estimated traffic based on keywords of your choice from our keyword research report. We mention the average monthly expected visitors for every single keyword that we include in the report. This traffic data is collected from Google.
  • With our keyword research service, you can estimate the cost of marketing for the first few months because you know all about the keywords, their strength and competitiveness. This makes it easy for you to plan ahead of time with respect to internet marketing.
  • We have specialized and well-trained people with us that will do the analysis and keyword research for your business. Even if you know nothing about your business, our specialists will offer you with nice ideas that will be of great help for your business.
  • If you need guidance or if you want to get consultation services or if you want us to take hold of your business right from start till end, we are pretty much capable of doing this.
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