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The major tasks of a Google+ page manager includes adding and sharing content.

For most of the internet marketers and social media marketing experts, using Google and Google Inc. services for marketing is not a good idea because these experts believe that this way Google knows as to what you are doing and how you are marketing your site, so they have a better chance to hit you later.

However, majority of the internet marketing professionals don’t agree to this myth, so as we. We have been using Google+ page management service for our clients for years now and we never have had any issue with a single site, Google+ page or domain that we have worked for. After all, it is all about how you do it.

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Google+ page can bring a lot of positive changes to your site, its traffic and of course it is one easy way to create social connection with your target audience. As mentioned, most of the businesses and webmasters are not used to Google+ pages and managing a Google+ page for the fact that Google+ is not as famous as Facebook and Twitter. Even those businesses that have their pages created at Google+, they don’t give due attention and time to their Google+ pages.

If you are one among them and find no time to either create or manage your Google+ page, let us take control of your Google+ page and see how it impacts the amount of social traffic and social signals.

Inkreate has quite a few Google+ page managers and developers in its team. These experts have been managing, developing and dealing with Google+ pages for years. They have the experience, they have the right skills, they have the knowledge and most importantly they know how to make this work for 'your business'.

  • We start our Google+ page service with developing your page, designing it, redesigning it or making it look better (based on your needs and your Google+ page needs).
  • 67% of the businesses that contact us for social media marketing don’t have a Google+ page. So if you get a Google+ page created now, you will have a strong edge over your competitors because most of your competitors will not be using a Google+ page for social media marketing.
  • We will assign an experienced Google+ page manager to you who will take control of your page.
  • The major tasks of a Google+ page manager includes adding and sharing content, pictures and videos as much as possible, increasing the followers of your page, sharing different posts several times a day so that your followers know you are alive, and giving you timely suggestions for improving your Google+ page.

We, at Inkreate, are always available to listen to you. Talk with us today and let us know how you want us to take hold of your Google+ page.

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