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We do everything with your collaboration.

We will develop a Facebook Fanpage for your business.

Social media marketing is supposed to be incomplete without Facebook. And when we talk of Facebook, it is useless to use Facebook for a business without a Facebook Fanpage. The Facebook Fanpage service offered by Inkreate has everything included in it that your business needs.

facebook fan page

What’s included in our Facebook Fanpage Service

  • We will develop a Facebook Fanpage for your business so that people can know your business easily at a glimpse.
  • If you are into email marketing and want to build a list from your Facebook Fanpage, let us know and we will design a front cover for your Facebook Fan page where people can insert their email address. We will connect it with your email marketing software. This way, you will get the email address of every single (or most of) person who likes your page at Facebook.
  • Designers at Inkreate will design a stylish Facebook Fanpage with you products, services, contests, contact and a lot of other information. Such graphics-based Facebook Fanpages attract more people, you get more likes which leads to high traffic to your site.
  • We not only create Facebook Fanpages rather we manage them as well for you. Once your page is up, and you want us to manage it for you, we will assign an expert Facebook manager to your page that will stay in touch with you throughout the week and will update your Fan page every now and then.
  • The Facebook Fanpage manager will be primarily responsible for taking care of the fan page on your behalf. He/she will share posts, will respond to comments, will reply to messages, will find content for your Facebook page, will post multiple times throughout the day and he/she will ensure that more people like your Facebook Fan page.
  • With our Facebook Fanpage service you not only get a page developed and designed, you not only get the management services but you get heaps of social traffic to your website and you also get lots of Facebook page likes as well.
  • We do everything with your collaboration because you know your customers better than us. So it doesn’t matter whether you want us to post pictures, quotes, videos or articles on your Fan page. Just let us know and we will manage the rest for you.
  • With Inkreate’s Facebook Fanpage service you will have better and more opportunities to engage with your customers, to build relationships with your target audience and ultimately sell them whatever you want.

It is time to think big, it is time to get a major lead over your competitors, it is time for Inkreate’s Facebook Fanpage service.

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