Code Optimization Service

Code optimization improves the loading speed and overall browsing speed of your site.

Code optimization involves lots of hard work but it is something that you cannot go without. There are several benefits associated with code optimization and if you miss them, somehow, you will be left far behind in the search results. If your competitors are doing it and you aren’t doing it for your site, you will never be able to catch them.

The Benefits Of Code Optimization

Just like we have content optimization strategies, image optimization, on page optimization and off page optimization, same way we have code optimization where the code of your site or blog is optimized for better performance and better search engine ranking. This ‘code optimization’ phase is usually skipped and webmasters don’t focus much on it. However it is now one of the most important aspects of website optimization. Google is now getting very strict with code optimization.

code optimization

  • Code optimization improves the loading speed and overall browsing speed of your site.
  • Site’s overall performance increases significantly.
  • Search engine ranking is improved.

If you have a site for years and you haven’t opted for any code optimization service as yet, it is time to get one today. You are missing a lot.

What Do We Offer With Our Code Optimization Service

At Inkreate, we have a mission to provide you with services that bring benefits to you and your business. With this intention in mind, we have developed a code optimization service that is must for every website and blog.

  • An expert programmer will inspect the codes of your site to see if something is missing, if something isn’t as per standard, if something is not right and all such bugs will be fixed. Please make sure that we do not alter your theme, design or anything that is the part of your website instead we just fix the issues and bugs. As a result, the speed and performance of your site improves to a great extent. You will see the difference.
  • An SEO expert will step in and will inspect your website’s on page optimization with a focus on descriptions, keyword tags, focus keywords, HTML, image optimization and others.
  • The main focus is on HTML codes. We try to improve the coding system so that you get two major benefits; improvement in site speed and better search engine ranking.
  • Junk, unnecessary and poor codes are removed and replaced.
  • Titles, headings, images, videos, keyword tags etc. are all updated and corrected.
  • At Inkreate, our team is always open to suggestions and revisions. Also, we try to get the work done for you as soon as possible.

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