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There is much more for you in our blog writing service.

Headings, titles and everything else is fully optimized for better search engine ranking.

It is now almost mandatory for businesses to have a blog. In today’s marketplace, you cannot go without a blog. The fact of the matter is that the importance of regularly publishing fresh content is more than ever before. Search engines now want to see fresh content on your site every time their spiders visit your site. Practically, you cannot change the content of your website every month. It doesn’t look professional and it isn’t possible either. A better solution is to attach a blog with your business site. This way you can add blog posts on regular basis for better search engine rankings.

Blog writing is not easy especially if you have to write about a single topic/niche throughout a month. Ideas get clogged. You don’t seem to find anything new to write about. This is the reason that most of the businesses prefer seeking help from blog writing services.

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We have developed a huge team of expert blog writers that are pretty much familiar with all the niches. You just name it. At Inkreate, we don’t assign a blog writing service to a particular writer who is expert in that niche rather we distribute the topic among all the blog writers and then they come up with their blog titles and ideas. Once approved, they start writing. This way, ideas and themes aren’t repeated. You get different writing styles. Importantly, the blog writers don’t get the feeling of monotony.

We feel pride in saying that we have native US blog writers in our team. We don’t say that we are the best rather we leave it up to our customers. See the work and then decide where our blog writing service stands.

Here is what you will get from our blog writing services:

  • Well-researched and extremely informative blog post written by an experienced US writer.
  • We send over the initial blog ideas/titles to the client for approval. You can amend, accept or even reject the ideas. Once you approve the ideas, then and only then we begin writing. So you should expect what you actually need and not something that our writers can do.
  • We check all the blog posts for plagiarism before sending them over to you. We have a zero-plagiarism tolerance policy.
  • All the blog posts are search engine optimized with a focus on keyword density.
  • Where possible, we send related images, videos and infographics along with the written post to you. This makes your post more reader-friendly.
  • A description of the post, list of the keywords used in the blog post and the focus keyword.
  • Headings, titles and everything else is fully optimized for better search engine ranking.
  • And there is much more for you in our blog writing service.
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