Blog Setup Service

Interact With Your Target Audience

Blogs provide you with a great opportunity to interact with your target audience and get a genuine feeling of their thoughts and opinions on your products, services and overall business activities. With a blog you can derive valuable feedback from customers that can help you make the right business decisions that will greatly improve your business in the short and long-run.

Our Blog Setup Service Is Unique

Inkreate Content Studio will have a one-on-one interactive session with you in order to fully understand your requirements and specific blog needs. Our blog setup service is designed to provide you with customised blog setup solutions that meet and hopefully surpass your expectations. Some features of our blog setup service are as follows;

  • We will provide you with an ideal domain name for your intended blog, one that suits the nature of your brand and projects it's vision and mission statements.
  • As part of our blog setup service, we will help you in securing a reputable and highly dependable web hosting service provider for your intended blog.
  • We will install WordPress software application on your chosen domain.
  • We will setup an ideal template, one that is custom made for your blog.
  • Inkreate Content Studio will ensure that your blog has all the required plugins to enhance the blogging experience of users.
  • We render blog guidance and tutorial services to ensure that you fully understand the features on your blog and operate them without assistance.

Features To Expect On Your Blog

With us you can be sure that your blog will have a trendy and modern touch; some of the features you can expect to have on your blog include;

  • Your blog will have a navigation link, direct to the home page of your preferred business website.
  • We will also have navigation links included on your blog to key pages on your business website, such as; your business online store page, promotional pages, as well as your calendar of events page.
  • Your blog will have a contact and enquiry form.
  • We will help you build your email list by including a newsletter or subscription button on your blog.
  • Your blog will have navigation links to your preferred online social media outlet profile, such as; Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter.
  • We can ensure that your Facebook and Twitter profiles are updated automatically with your new blog posts.
  • Our blog setup service also integrates Google Analytics to your blog.
  • Your blog will be Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rich.
  • Your blog can be provided with added features, such as; a search bar, call to action and survey depending on your request and preference.
  • Part of our blog setup service will include the inclusion of your insignia or logo to your blog. However, this can easily be done by you when you make use of our logo and insignia designing tool.

Benefits Of Our Blog Setup Service

  • You will increase your chances of driving traffic to your preferred business website.
  • By having a blog, you drive home the message to your target audience that you are a proven authority in your respective industry.
  • It helps you to build a longlasting business relationship with your target audience and customers.
  • Your blog can help you transform your target audience and customers to your brand ambassadors.
  • You can get quick and direct suggestions and complaints from your target audience and customers. This feedback will help you to make the right business decisions.
  • It can serve as a good source for employment for your business.

Inkreate Content Studio is fully ready to help boost the growth of your business with our blog setup service and we have the best rates available in the market. However, we charge a little extra for...

  • any added exquisite design or custom requirement.

You will also be required to...

  • provide renewal payments for web hosting and domain name services rendered.
  • make monthly or annual blog maintenance payments.

Our blog setup services are one of the best in the business and we have satisfied clients from a broad spectrum of industries that can attest to our quick, efficient and qualitative service delivery.

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