Ebook Ghostwriting Services

If you have need to write an ebook and you are looking for a content writing service provider that will meet all your ebook content requirements and specifications, while delivering according to your guidelines and time line. Look no further than Inkreate Content Studio, as we are your number one choice for high quality ebook ghostwriting services.

What Makes Us No. 1

We are your first and preferred choice for getting your ebook projects written because of the following reasons;

  • We respect all non-disclosure and confidentiality policies.
  • We will provide high quality ebooks with 100% original content always.
  • We will write according to your specified guidelines.
  • We will deliver ebooks according to your requirements and delivery guidelines.
  • We will meet your time line for delivery always and without failing.

Our Five (5) Point Promises

  • Confidentiality Agreement

We do not renege on all non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements. We respect your need for discretion and we apply this in all our dealings with you. Every ebook written by us is under a clearly defined ghostwriting service, where you assume full rights to the ebook upon delivery and payment. We will not use any part of the content of your ebook in the execution of other clients' projects, we will also not show or give any part of the contents of your ebook to a third party without your express approval.

  • Quality And Not Quantity

As part of our ebook ghostwriting services, we will ensure very high quality work and this includes;

  • High quality in the writing format and style.
  • Excellent quality content.
  • Strict adherence to your set guidelines, requirements and specifications.
  • High quality original content, no plagiarism and copy right infringement concerns.

Emphasis will be on the delivery of high quality ebooks and not necessarily on the quantity of content delivered.

  • All Your Guidelines Will Be Met

Inkreate Content Studio will ensure that all your ebook projects are written in accordance with your strict guidelines to ensure that you are satisfied with the work done and to save time on rewriting ebooks because of poor compliance with your requirements.

  • We Will Deliver Accordingly

Your guidelines for delivery will be followed to the letter. As part of our ebook ghostwriting services we recognise that you may have a preferred submission format for your ebook, which could be in MS Word, PDF and so on. Whatever your delivery guideline is, we will meet them in a professional and time conscious way. We will pay particular attention to details to ensure that you get precisely what you expect.

  • Time Conscious Delivery

Inkreate Content Studio takes particular pride in meeting deadlines, this is our promise to you. We will provide you with high quality work delivered according to your requirements and also in accordance with the agreed time line.

Benefits Of Our Ebook Ghostwriting Services

With our ebook ghostwriting services you can derive the following benefits.

  • 100% original content.
  • No plagiarism concerns.
  • Content writing according to your font type and size, word spacing requirements and other formatting specifications.
  • Ebooks submitted in your preferred format.
  • Quick and timely delivery of your ebook projects.
  • Affordable and highly competitive service rates.
  • Full compliance of confidentiality, non-disclosure and privacy agreements.
  • On the job effective communication to ensure that your specification is fully met.
  • Full rights to your ebook upon payment.

Get Your Ebook Written Today

You may just have an idea for an ebook, but you do not know how and where to begin writing your book. At Inkreate Content Studio we will take that idea and transform it into a quality ebook that will match your initial expectations and hopefully surpass it. We will provide you with ebooks that are professionally written and done in accordance with standard writing and formatting styles. With us there will be no need for rewrites, as we always ensure that we deliver all our ebooks perfectly written to save you time, effort and money.

You no longer have to waste quality time and money on your ebook writing projects. All you need to do is contact us today for more information on how we can meet your specific ebook writing needs.

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