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Crimes and Punishment, Search Engine Spam

So far we’ve talked about Periodic Table of SEO success factors, positive signals. But you have to avoid some of the negative factors as well.

A word of encouragement. They really have done a search and spam to believe that there are very few people. It deserves a severe punishment, and someone accidentally locked in a search to decide if it’s hard to look at a number of signals.

That said, let’s talk about what can be done.

“Fine” or “level” content.

Response to a drumbeat of complaints about bad results, Google thin “or” level “the content or substance that is not content.” Goal of the Panda update in February 2011, described as “their” Panda market.

The judge in the criminal level domain of the target sites, so to speak, so the content is discussed, and it is a technical as spam.

Today, content is important, if one issue, however, is only useful for users.

Find out more about this study, see some of the following products:

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  • your website traffic Farmer / Panda Update Google because reduced. Now what? Famer / Google Panda Update:
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  • affected by the Google Panda Update. Google asks to see …

Advertising / Layout Top Heavy

Have you ever been to a site and find a crowd is difficult to determine and display ads to find the actual content. Where’s the beef?

This is what the Page Layout algorithm is designed to handle. As follows: Matt Cutts, Google’s head of webspam sets.

As a result, it is difficult to determine the actual content, we click on it and they are not pleased with the experience … I’ve heard complaints from users. Rather than scrolling down the page past a slew of ads, users want to see content right away. Thus, “the amount of the above” is not so much content that the country could be affected by this change. Above-the-fold to a website or have a lot of visible content or do not carry out an initial screen real estate advertising website first to see if you have a website, it is the best user experience. Such sites may not rank ahead.

Often called the most severe punishment, leaving a plethora of ads before the content of the sites reserved for that interfere with the user experience. Thus, users do not have to search for content.

On the Page Layout punish studied in the following articles:

  • General Heavy Update: too many ads above the fold, now Google Pages “Page Layout” Algorithm punished by
  • “Top Heavy 2» Google Rolls Out to the page layout algorithm

Keyword stuffing

This is one of the oldest book in the spam tactics. Search to find your pages that you want to say. OK, I give to them over and over again. How about 100 times. Team. It’s Google, it works for you.

Actually, no. You can kill because “keyword stuffing”.

How often is too often. There is no right answer, but it really is not supposed to happen this SEO to kick in. I want to go to the extreme of punishment simply does not know any better and often, usually at the end of the web page, it is placed in a row, I decided.

Hidden Text

You will most likely things to consider when you decide to ask, “Why is no secret that it wants to see.” You are combining the background, white text, you can. By doing so, you spam the search.

C does not like to hide anything. They want to see everything the user. Do not hide or text styles, fonts, use display: none, or only a typical user, which means that any other method.


Let’s talk about the sophisticated concealment. The search feature is very different version of what you see, how to manipulate your website.

This is called cloaking. C does not really like it. This is one of the worst things you can do. Heck, Google even banned cloaking himself. Seriously.

Although most people do not accidentally close the search, when it comes to cloaking, the opposite is true. You caught it, if it is, why such a severe punishment. This is a bait and switch, and a deliberate attempt to manipulate the results.

Paid Links

When you find the part of the Japanese banned Google buying links, Google itself, speaking prohibited. 11 months.

The JC Penney, 2011 (3 months) have been fined more. But JC Penney splashed across a great article in The New York Times has a link to take a penalty after another. So, as a major online florist. And the rest of the article is taken from the Wall Street Journal.

Google links through the years, the debate over whether to move aggressively against those who buy and sell. The bottom line is that the Google-a-need to follow the rules and regulations of the Google search rankings, they already have a loan that does not mean in any way to buy or sell links.

If Google were to ignore the rules, you should be prepared for some mercy. And I believe undetectable what you paid for the app. They caused a lot of idiots call the cool kids, especially if you do not.

Bing, the penalty is not paid links, but to practice.

Link Spam

Walk around with the help of automated software, optimized anchor text (eg, “Louis Vuitton Purses 2013), tempted to drop links to forums and blogs.

You suck.

You are, unfortunately, all the people who hate spam get behind the idea of ​​SEO is to know about SEO, but you do not. So much of SEO, I hate with a passion.

If you go with, most of the links that I think will give you a loan. On top of that you’ll find yourself at the end of a steep fines.

The sentence given in this table are based on more weight to neutralize and eliminate penalties for spamming Google’s version of the efforts, and, in particular, “Penguin” update application.

You caught dabbling in the dark side, or if the company is a fly-by-night “SEO” in hot water on your website, you are taken back, as well as Google and Bing, and started again hoping that you can not deny the relationship, if any.

The following articles to learn more about spam penalties.

  • Google has launched a “Penguin Update” Set webspam results
  • Penguin Penguin 4 to 2.0, which leads the fight against spam, now live
  • Remove Google Penalties tool can deny Links
  • Bing Travel to “deny”, but what to do?

Piracy takedowns / DMCA

The “pirate” update target sites that violate copyrights. Of America (RIAA) recording under pressure to consolidate, Hollywood and government forces, a lot of Google’s Digital Millennium Copyright Act “violation” (DMCA) and was convicted of the sites.

These states have to deal with these issues, but somehow it seems that Google Webmaster Tools account, you will have a few DMCA notices that it is not possible.

For more information about pirates and plundering the following sections:

  • Pirate Update: Google to punish sites repeatedly accused of copyright infringement
  • Delete the word Google Instant search on piracy
  • 50 million this year because of piracy Google Page Links Reports

More Info & Redemption

Learn about spam, it’ll be a three-part video series.

  • What is search engine spam? Video Edition

If you are looking for redemption as requested, here is a guide on how to apply to the Google Penalties, and is serotonin.

  • Official: How Google removed and the position of the penalties
  • Google’s request to re-learn how to re-add
  • Remove Google Penalties tool can deny Links

You can also use this form, you can ask for reuptake and Bing.

A reference to a copy of the periodic table

Congratulations! If you use this guide to read from the beginning, you’re done. We also have an award for you.

Go to the download page and print, design, or just for future reference, which is suitable for taking a PDF version can be downloaded from the Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors. You can also find the pictures of the web, feel free to share your pictures, or you can cut the following:


Good luck with your SEO efforts.


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